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Our work is our passion. Our pride comes from the history and trust of our customers.


Having Six decades of industry experience we are now in our second generation of family ownership with the third generation working diligently to learn and grow. We are all driven by family value and a keen sense of serving our customers.


In 1950 two good friends, Lawrence Tomasino and Charlie “Chucky” Walsh started General Sheet Metal. The company remained a 2 man shop through the 50’s and 60s. In 1968, Larry’s three boys started to work at the business. In the late 70s, Larry bought Charlie out of the business.

When Larry fell ill, his 3 sons started to run the day to day operations of the business. The 3 brother, Larry, David and Mark slowly grew the business from a simple 3-5 person sheet metal shop to what it is today. 3 Companies – General Sheet Metal, General Mechanical Contractors and HVAC Service Contractors.

General Sheet Metal is a custom sheet metal fabrication shop. General Mechanical Contractors is a full mechanical company and is the company responsible for all the installation work we perform for residential, commercial, local and state/municipal clients.

HVAC/R Service Contractors is our service division and we have been blessed to slowly and steadily employee the best technicians in the industry. They are professional thru and thru. They know refrigeration, ductwork, piping, electrical and all other facets relating to our trade

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In the last several year the company has reinvested in new and amazing technologies such a 3D CADD modeling and field laser technology which has allowed us to be able to automate fabrication from the 3D models which allows for more accurate ductwork measurements.

At this point, each of the 3 brothers all have a Son or Daughter in the business and we are looking at 3 generations of pride and heritage.

All our people have been with us for a long time, most have joined our family upon graduation of trade school. We all think of eachother as family. The owners always reinvest back into the business. Technology, tools, vehicles. All in an effort to better assist our team provide the most professional services possible.

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