I wasn’t sure if I wanted to somehow put this in our testimonial section or as a blog post, but since I am writing this (full disclosure) I have decided to “blog” it.
The other morning an older gentlewoman arrived at our office rather early and was waiting in the foyer before our secretary arrived. One of our project managers walked through the door and the lady began to tell our project manager that our company had incorrectly installed a hanger on one of the duct branches and she insisted we get someone over there “that day” to correct the issue.
One of the questions my project manager asked was when we installed this system. She replied
To nobodies surprise our project manager was taken aback, but at the conclusion of this friendly conversation we took her name and phone number and said we would get back to her.
A few days later we had one of our foreman at her house and we took care of the issue. There were a few screws missing.
The duct was altered and hanging by a leather strap and we will never know if we were even the original installing contractor, but it is one small small feather in the cap of this companies reputation.